about Julie

Julie Holly is a Yoga Educator and believes that Yoga should encompass these three values:

  • Longevity & Alignment 

  • Integrity in Community 

  • Life Affirming Philosophy 


Julie teaches a style of Yoga that focuses on good form to support longevity and sustainability in the body over time. Through intelligent alignment principles, sound biomechanics, and a workable understanding of anatomy, it offers a deep, efficacious practice to enhance the physical aspects of embodiment.


She also believes in the value and the power of community - one that is inclusive, honest, warm, and kind. Collective support is cherished as well as the realization that we live with accountability for our energy and actions. With Earth being the most important part of our community, she strives to be responsible for the earth and it's inhabitants and as such, values coming together to practice.


Finally, she believes in starting all endeavors by saying yes to life -- receiving what the world presents us. She wishes for humanity to love their life and appreciate the miracle of being alive. Julie enjoys having fun, valuing lineage, and that living a conscious and skillful life is the secret to deep fulfillment.