Children's Yoga

Julie is certified to teach Radiant Child Yoga as developed by Shakta Khalsa a Yogini and  former Montessori teacher. The  vision of Radiant Child Yoga "is to create a world of peace through the union of yoga and children. The Radiant Child is the child who is self-aware, who honors the spirit of all, and is naturally dedicated to creating a world of peace," Shakta.

Children's yoga includes age appropriate activities for children that range from Pre-K to high school. For young children, yoga poses and philosophy are interwoven with stories and play and for the older children, we relate the poses and philosophy with issues that they may face on a day-to-day basis. 


By developing a regular Yoga practice, children learn valuable skills such as self-expression, self-regulation, anxiety reduction as well as skills to better prepare them for tests and other stressful situations. Children also develop a healthy image of their body as they enter into poses and activities that are aerobic, strengthening and flexibility improving.

Our children's yoga techniques also include methods from Brain Gym and PACE as well as assisting with Sensory Processing  and Self-Regulation. These techniques work well with both children and adults on the Spectrum.