A New Understanding of Christmas

In these changing times with people moving away from structured religion and instead into the space of spirituality, what is the meaning of Christmas? First, let me tell you straight away that I believe in and love the story of Christmas. That there is someone out there, with creativity and compassion enough to create the universe, and not only to create it but to love it. To love it so much that although It is woven into every atom of it, It decided to make Itself small and enter into Its own Creation.

And every single time I think about this, I get moved to tears. To leave the place that we all dream of entering, where there is nothing but Light and Love and to enter a place of confusion, chaos and yes, hate confounds my mind. Why would It willingly do this?

It did it for one reason and for one reason only: to demonstrate to all of Creation what Love is. That Love is not what you say, or intend but that Love is an act. Love is sacrifice. Love is kind. Love does not judge. Love sees beyond your faults and instead sees only your perfection. Love knows that you are an expression of Itself.

And this Love doesn't care about the color of your skin. This Love does not care about who you choose to love. This Love doesn't care about how much money you have. This Love doesn't care about your country of birth. This Love doesn't care about what name you choose to assign It or what house of worship you choose to seek It .This Love doesn't care about your past mistakes. This Love is infinite and in this infinity, it only has the capacity to multiply Love. Hate has no place where this Love abides.

Merry Christmas!

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