Winter is on Friday.

bare trees
What kind of feelings does winter conjure for you?

What is it about winter that sends so many into a state of despair? For many years, I dreaded winter: the cold, the dark, the bulky clothes. But then I learned why winter should be celebrated. If you want to learn this lesson too, please read on...

The darkness that winter brings allows us to take the time to tap into our own creativity. According to most creation stories, the entire universe was created out of complete darkness and into the darkness a word, a song was spoken that brought forth everything that is. The Darkness allowed the Creator to contemplate and then bring about a universe of beauty, grace and perfection.

What are you contemplating during this season of darkness? What words will you be speaking to bring about beauty, grace and perfection to your life? How will your Yoga practice support you in this effort?

I look forward to reading your insights in the comments below.


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